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The Psychedelic Podcast connects you to the leaders and pioneers of the psychedelic renaissance. From deep healing to creativity, leadership to spirituality, business, health, human performance, relationships, sexuality, and even culture itself—every aspect of our world is being transformed by psychedelic medicines. Get an inspired, informed, balanced look into how these powerful medicines are already being safely and responsibly used to catalyze both personal and collective transformation. Whether you’re just curious or a seasoned psychonaut, or somewhere in between, you’ll get insightful, practical, cutting-edge conversations from the forefront of the psychedelic movement. Join us as we explore how psychedelics can be integrated into culture for the evolution of humanity.
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Dec 25, 2023

In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, Paul F. Austin welcomes Dr. Halland Chen, a Double Board Certified physician at the forefront of integrative medicine. Recorded live at the 2023 Wonderland Conference in Miami, this insightful conversation is a dive into the realm of longevity and optimal living.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Dr. Halland shares his transition from traditional to functional medicine, emphasizing the power of psychedelics in promoting mental health for longevity and a growth mindset. Explore the world of NAD+ supplementation and its role in the quest for a longer, healthier life. Delve into the use of psychedelics in pain management and uncover Dr. Halland's personalized medicine program, designed to optimize wellness and longevity through regenerative medicine and biohacking.

Paul and Dr. Halland touch on the potential of artificial intelligence in shaping personalized medicine and consider the fascinating realms of peptides and biohacking. Learn about Dr. Halland’s protocols for heavy metal detoxing and his thoughts on the nuanced difference between extending health span and mere lifespan.

This conversation unravels the importance of mindset and intuition in pursuing healthy aging, exploring a holistic approach to peak performance, life extension, and overall well-being.


Dr. Halland, M.D.:

Dr. Halland Chen, MD is a Double Board Certified physician specializing in ways to help people heal faster and feel better. Dr. Halland has been featured on HBO, Forbes, and Elle and is an expert in longevity, NAD, stem cells, anti-aging and non-surgical options for pain relief and repairing injuries.

He is focused on peak performance, life extension and optimizing wellness by reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system and cellular detoxification by using Regenerative Medicine, Biohacking, and natural supplements. He applies his unique techniques and specialized testing for patients to address sports injuries, pain management conditions, longevity optimization and for high performance clients.

Dr. Halland attended the University of Miami’s Honors Program in Medicine and graduated with Honors in Research Distinction. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and further specialized in Interventional Pain Management at Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Fellowship program in New York City. He is Double Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine.

When he’s not tending to patients or taking part in research studies, Dr. Halland can be found at health-focused speaking events or traveling across the globe doing research projects and collaborating with colleagues on modern medicine practices.


Dr. Halland’s journey from traditional to functional medicine.

The relationship between NAD+ supplementation, mitochondrial health, & longevity.

Psychedelics’ potential to help foster a growth mindset that promotes longevity.

How psychedelics challenge conventional approaches to pain management.

Dr. Halland’s personalized medicine program for health optimization and longevity.

Considering AI’s role in personalized medicine.

Peptides and biohacking.

Heavy metal detox protocols.

Healthspan vs. lifespan.

The importance of mindset and intuition when it comes to healthy aging and living.



Dr. Halland’s website:
Dr. Halland on Instagram:
Dr. Halland on LinkedIn:
Dr. Halland on TikTok:
(podcast) 207. Christian Angermayer - Democratizing Psychedelics: From Ancient Rituals to Modern Medicalization:
(podcast) 195. Precision-Performance Medicine: Longevity, Holistic Health, & Optimization:


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Dec 18, 2023

In this episode, Paul F. Austin is joined by Hamilton Morris to explore bufotenin, psilomethoxin, and the nuances of psychedelic journalism.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Recorded live at the 2023 Wonderland Conference in Miami, their conversation first explores both the science and historical perspective of lesser-mentioned compounds like bufotenine. Hamilton then shares his profound insights drawn from directing the acclaimed Vice TV docuseries Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, as well as his work as a psychedelic chemist.

Together, Paul and Hamilton navigate the rich history, chemistry, and cultural impacts of various psychoactive drugs, touching on the wisdom from legends including Alexander Shulgin, Terrence McKenna, and more.



The history of psilomethoxin and Hamilton’s own experience with it.

The limitations of reductionist approaches to understanding psychedelics.

Exploring the well-documented history of bufotenine and its subjective effects.

Hamilton’s takeaways from working on Hamilton's Pharmacopeia.

Hamilton on maintaining a balanced perspective in psychedelic journalism.



Hamilton’s podcast:

Hamilton on Instagram:

Hamilton on Twitter:


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Dec 11, 2023

Ryan Latreille, Founder of Kanna Extract & Hearthstone Collective, joins Paul F. Austin for a fascinating journey through the world of kanna.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Ryan unravels the secrets of kanna’s alkaloids that lend to its unique effects on mood and energy. From historical cosmologies to modern applications, Ryan and Paul explore the common pairings with kanna, from cannabis to psilocybin. Lastly, Ryan sheds his expertise on sourcing the safest, most effective, and ethical kanna possible.

This episode explores the intersection of culture, spirituality, and human transformation through the lens of kanna's potent effects.

Ryan Latreille:

Ryan Latreille founded Kanna Extract Co., Hearthstone Collective, and Flow Labs. With over a decade of expertise in mushrooms and plant medicines, he’s dedicated to offering solutions that support mental and emotional well-being. From providing premium kanna extracts to designing innovative nutraceutical products, Ryan is helping shape the psychedelic and wellness industries with ethically sourced, high-quality botanicals.


Ryan’s path with kanna microdosing that led him to create Hearthstone Collective.
Zembrin’s research into Kanna’s therapeutic potential. 
Microdosing kanna: benefits and risks.
Kanna cosmologies: historical uses in the Khoi and San tribes.
Why the cultivation and lab testing of kanna is so crucial.
Unpacking the subjective effects of Kanna’s alkaloids.
Known Kanna combinations: Cannabis, psilocybin, & more.


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Dec 4, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin welcomes Will Rezin, mystic, philosopher, and coach, to explore the worlds of psychedelics, somatics, and trauma healing.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Dive into Will's profound healing path, shaped by ayahuasca in Peru. Together, Will and Paul go beyond the conventional body-mind separation, drawing on key approaches to healing common to both somatics and psychedelics.

Their conversation envisions a trauma-free future that extends beyond personal healing to embrace relational, societal, and environmental transformations.

Will Rezin:

Will Rezin is a mystic and somatic teacher. He is a leading expert in the field of personal development with a focus on trauma education and somatics. Will has a unique approach that combines somatic practices, early developmental movement theory, esoteric philosophy and trauma theory with traditional coaching methods. He's the co-founder of Trauma and Somatics where he trains practitioners to become trauma-informed, and the co-founder of The Truth Foundation where he and his co-founder, David Gonzalez, are on a mission to End Trauma.

Over the past 18 years, Will has immersed himself in studying human development through the lens of culture, psychology, biology, physiology, mysticism, myth and behavioral change. He is trained in Somatic Experiencing®, Core Energy Leadership Coaching, Early Developmental Trauma, Karmic Astrology, Jungian Archetypal Psychology, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Amazonian Shamanism and much more. Will integrates many therapeutic models into his work with clients and his teaching with students.



Exploring the work of Dr. Peter A. Levine.
Will’s psychedelic healing path and ayahuasca experiences in Peru:
Beyond the body-mind separation: unpacking somatics.
Essence vs. Personality: integrating intuition and wisdom.
Modulation and titration: keys to healing in somatics and psychedelics.
Will’s mission to eradicate trauma in the world.
Envisioning AI’s role in healing trauma.
Beyond personal healing: relational, societal, and environmental transformation.


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Nov 27, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin welcomes the esteemed Dr. Rosalind Watts, clinical psychologist and founder of ACER Integration, to discuss the power of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Dr. Watts shares about the powerful transformation she witnessed in clinical trial participants for psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy. She also reveals the research and insights that led her to create the global online integration community ACER Integration.

Together, Paul and Dr. Watts explore the potential of psychedelics to help restore environmental health and usher new paradigms of growth and healing.

Rosalind Watts, Ph.D.:

Dr. Rosalind Watts is a clinical psychologist and the founder of ACER Integration. As the former clinical lead on the psilocybin for depression trial at Imperial College London, Dr. Watts led a clinical team that facilitated over a hundred psilocybin treatment sessions. Having recognized that safe and effective use of psychedelics requires substantial integration support, Dr. Watts co-founded the UK's first psychedelic integration group, and is now launching a global online integration community, ‘Accept, Connect, Embody, Restore’ (ACER) where members follow a 12-month process together.

Her contributions to the field of psychedelic therapy are numerous and include the development of the ACE model ‘Accept, Connect, Embody’, which has been used in clinical trials of both psilocybin and DMT, as well as the Watts Connectedness Scale, a psychometric tool for measuring outcomes of psychedelic therapy. Dr. Watts sits on the clinical advisory board of the Usona Institute.



Dr. Watts’s journey into psychedelic research.

Patient transformations in Dr. Watts’s first psilocybin therapy sessions.

How psilocybin fosters a deeper connection with self and the world.

The challenges of integration in a society that still stigmatizes psychedelics.

The importance of finding a community of ‘fellow travelers’.

Compelling research on psilocybin and Nature Connectedness.

Psychedelics as a medicine to restore environmental health and usher a new planetary paradigm.

ACER Integration’s community-based program structure.


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Nov 20, 2023

In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, Paul F. Austin welcomes back Jonathan Lu & Shauheen Etminan, founders of VCENNA and the supplement line Ancestral Magi.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Following up from their first episode, the duo unpack the neurobiology of oneirogens (dream-inducing substances).

Delve into the dreamlike realms of consciousness as Jonathan and Shauheen explore the unique effects of beta-Carbolines and Syrian Rue, comparing them to classic psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, Ayahuasca, and Iboga. Uncover the secrets of lucid dreaming and the ancient traditions that inspired them.

Visit Ancestral Magi's website to learn more about their legal, psychoactive formulations based on ancient potions. Use code TW10 at checkout for 10% off their unique supplements.


Jonathan Lu:

Jonathan Lu is an engineer who has been studying 2000-year-old Chinese texts in search of compounds, formulations, and rituals that have been lost to history. Their team applies modern neurophysiological and computational tools to understand scientifically what our ancestors discovered millennia ago, and from which they developed the nootropic formulations for Magi Ancestral Supplements.

Jonathan is a proud father of three daughters and has visited 66 countries. He is a graduate of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, and received a B.S. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from Cornell University.

Shauheen Etminan, Ph.D.

Shauheen Etminan, Ph.D. is an intuitive activator and repeat founder with a passion for creating impactful products and platforms that embody wellness, abundance, authenticity, reciprocity, and inclusion. He has a track record of working in multiple industries including psychedelics for mental wellness and cognitive growth, which are aligned with his life story as a founder and mission as an autotelic entrepreneur.

Shauheen holds a MSc and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. He is a secular mystic who practices Sufi Dervish whirling meditation.



Rumi, Sufism, and the traditions of Sufi Whirling.
Exploring the unique dreamlike effects of beta-Carbolines and Syrian Rue.
Ayahuasca vs. Haoma (speculated to include Syrian Rue).
Iboga as an oneirogen.
Research into the impacts of beta-Carbolines on memory.
Considering the preparation and integration for oneirogens like beta-Carbolines.
Lucid dreaming, archetypes, and the sacredness of dreamtime in indigenous traditions.
The neurobiology and subjective effects of beta-Carbolines vs. classic psychedelics.
Unique potions and stacks featuring beta-Carbolines.
VCENNA’s current drug research.

Ancestral Magi's website:

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Nov 13, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Co-host Joseph Anew and Integrative Health Practitioner JoQueta Handy, Ph.D. explore the intersection of autism, gut health, and quantum healing.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Dr. Handy and Joseph examine questions like, How does gut health impact people with autism and the greater population? Why is the microbiome so vital–not only to optimal wellness but to microdosing success? What is digital psychedelic dosing, and how can it bypass gut challenges? What are quantum connections, and how can they transform healing?

Find out what autism can teach the world about health, connection, and self-discovery.

JoQueta Handy, PhD, IMD:

Dr. JoQueta Handy, PhD, IMD is an internationally-recognized speaker, author, educator, and Natural Integrative Health Practitioner. She is a coach certified by The Psychedelic Coaching Institute, holds a certified competence in clinical speech-language pathology, and is a certified quantum biofeedback practitioner.

JoQueta is also the CEO and Chief Visionary of Brilliant Learning, Handy Wellness Center, and Brilliant Blends. She has spent the last 30 years working with special needs children and their families using a holistic philosophy rooted in nutritional protocols and extending to specialized learning strategies. JoQueta has applied her life and career experiences to take her practice to the next level by founding Brilliant Blends and formulating its supplements.

A mom of five grown children and a grandmother, she works with her husband, James Handy, DC in their wellness practice in Newport Beach, CA.



Examining the connection between autism and gut health.

Exploring the healing power of quantum biofeedback, shared energy, and digital psychedelic dosing.

Why Dr. Handy sees people with Autism as powerful teachers.

How Dr. Handy uses frequencies to address patient imbalances and promote healing.

Dr. Handy’s psychedelic initiation and the lessons from each medicine.

Harnessing psychedelics to break free of generational patterns.

Brilliant Blends, Dr. Handy’s adaptogenic mushroom line.

Understanding the gut health, serotonin levels, and the psychedelic response.

Glyophosate’s global impact on human and planetary health.


Key Links:

Handy Wellness Center:

Brilliant Blends:

3 Co’s transformational workshops:

Psychedelic Coaching Institute:


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Nov 6, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin and Shift Network Founder Stephen Dinan explore spiritual cross-training, psychedelics, and balanced success.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Stephen and Paul explore topics like: How can psychedelics open people’s minds to spiritual dimensions? Can all religions and traditions play a role in elevating collective consciousness? How do ayahuasca’s masculine and feminine lineages contribute to wisdom and healing? And why do we need both spectrums to facilitate cultural progress?

Tune in for a diverse conversation on Stephen’s psychedelic path, Shift Network goals, and the power of patience on the path to visionary growth.

Stephen Dinan:

Stephen Dinan is the founder and CEO of The Shift Network and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders.

The Shift Network was founded in 2010 and has served over 3M people worldwide, in 170 countries. It delivers virtual summits, courses, and trainings featuring over 250 core faculty and 3,000 thought leaders. The diverse domains include spirituality, sound healing, holistic health, psychology, enlightened business, shamanism, qigong, and psychedelic healing.

Stephen graduated from Stanford University (Human Biology) and the California Institute of Integral Studies (East-West Psychology). He helped create and direct the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory & Research, a think tank for leading scholars, researchers, and teachers to explore human potential. As the former director of membership and marketing at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, he was the driving force behind the Shift in Action program and the One Minute Shift media series.

He has been a featured speaker at the World Cultural Forum in China, the Alliance for a New Humanity in Costa Rica, Renovemos Mexico in Mexico City, the University of Cuenca in Ecuador, and many US conferences, events, radio programs, and online summits. Stephen is also the author of Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All, and Radical Spirit.



Stephen’s early plant medicine experiences.

Paul and Stephen's spiritual awakening through psychedelics.

Ayahuasca lineages and masculine vs. feminine ceremonies.

Lessons from Shift Network’s 40-day program featuring 40 spiritual traditions.

Stephen’s tips for embarking on Vipassana meditation retreats.

Stephen’s challenges and joys running The Shift Network.

How Stephen patiently crystalizes visions into action.

Elon Musk and masculine vs. feminine leadership.

The future of The Shift Network.


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Oct 30, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, co-host Joseph Anew and leadership coach Lauren Mugglebee unpack self-actualization through psychedelics and embodied coaching.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Joseph and Lauren examine questions like: What would you do if you had the time and space to think about who you really are? Why are coaches pivotal in your growth? What role does courage play in transformation? And how can microdosing, embodiment, and community support the process?

Tune in for a talk about sailing away from life’s safe harbors and flowing into the authentic unknown.

Lauren Mugglebee:

Lauren Mugglebee is an executive and leadership coach, and a transformational practitioner and facilitator. In addition to her private practice, Lauren is a Third Wave Psychedelic Coaching Institute faculty member.

Lauren uses a variety of somatic and integral modalities in her practice—including pairing inquiry and non-ordinary states of consciousness—to help leaders achieve radical self-awareness and presence. A US native and British citizen, she lives with her partner and young daughters in Northern California, where she teaches and designs bespoke intensives, training, and retreats for engaging emergence.

Before coaching, Lauren spent two decades developing technical products and leading global teams for Facebook, Instagram, OpenTable, and Ticketmaster.


Lauren’s evolution from tech to transformational and leadership coaching.

How psychedelics helped Lauren align her life and career.

How embodied intuition can be a powerful decision-making tool.

Cultivating the courage to “leave safe harbor.”

Lauren’s advice for transitioning into a more fulfilling career.

Lauren’s transformation coaching process and core clients.

Lessons from Lauren’s participation in Third Wave’s Coaching Certification Program (CCP).

CCP’s evolution toward executive and high-performance coaching.

Key Links:

Lauren’s private practice: 

Third Wave’s Psychedelic Coaching Institute (PCI):


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Oct 23, 2023

Paul F. Austin reunites with neuroscientist Dr. Dave Rabin to delve into the latest research on Apollo Neuro's "wearable microdose" device for optimal sleep and focus.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Paul and Dr. Dave explore questions like, What role does stress play in psychological and physiological well-being? Why do humans need to feel safe to perform at their best? Does clinical data show Apollo Neuro can truly calm the nervous system? Could the wearable’s soothing vibrations also help people navigate challenging psychedelic journeys?

Tune into for the latest on Apollo Neuro’s wearable hug technology and its AI features for deeply personalized health.

Dave M. Rabin, MD, PhD:

Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD, is a neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist, health-tech entrepreneur, & inventor who has been studying the impact of chronic stress in humans for more than a decade. He is the Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Apollo Neuroscience, which has developed the first scientifically validated wearable technology that actively improves energy, focus, & relaxation, using a novel touch therapy that signals safety to the brain.

Dr. Dave has always been fascinated by consciousness and our inherent ability to heal from injury and illness. As such, his research focuses on the clinical translation of non-invasive therapies for patients with treatment-resistant illnesses like PTSD and substance-use disorders.

Dr. Rabin is also the co-founder and executive director of the Board of Medicine, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of physicians and scientists establishing the first peer-reviewed, evidence-based clinical guidelines for the production and safe use of unregulated alternative medicines, including plant medicines.

In addition to his clinical psychiatry practice, Dr. Dave is currently conducting research on the epigenetic regulation of trauma responses and recovery to elucidate the mechanism of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and the neurobiology of belief.

Dr. Rabin received his MD in medicine and PhD in neuroscience from Albany Medical College and specialized in psychiatry with a distinction in research at Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He has been married to his co-founder, Kathryn Fantauzzi, since 2016.


Apollo Neuro’s origin story and evolution.

Clinical data showing heart rate variability (HRV) & cognitive improvement with Apollo Neuro.

Longitudinal research on the Apollo’s benefits.

Sleep’s foundational impact on people with depression and PTSD.

The best ways to utilize Apollo to induce calming states.

Apollo’s new AI features to reset circadian rhythms.

Exploring the different Apollo Vibes and their uses.

The relationship between neuroplasticity and the Apollo wearable.

Why clinicians & practitioners use the Apollo in their practices.

Dr. Dave’s “toolkit” for self-exploration.

Dr. Dave’s favorite therapeutic tool for brain training.

Key Links:

Get the Apollo wearable device for 15% OFF:
Dr. Dave’s website:

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Oct 16, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, co-host Joseph Anew speaks with entrepreneur and Phoenix Project founder Dr. Melissa Barker about transcending trauma with psychedelics.

Joseph and Dr. Barker explore questions like, Why do traditional therapies fall short of repairing deep wounds? What can psychedelics do for trauma that other modalities can’t? How can survivors choose between ketamine, MDMA, psilocybin, and other psychedelic medicines? And what role do microdosing and community play in long-term healing?

This conversation unveils the trauma-healing trajectory as survivors overcome suffering, embrace their whole selves, and emerge as autonomous leaders.

Dr. Melissa Barker, Ed.D.:

Dr. Melissa Barker, EdD is an entrepreneur, activist, and emerging voice in the growing psychedelics movement. She is also the founder of The Phoenix Project, a community-led mental health tech platform created by trauma survivors for trauma survivors.

Dr. Barker’s personal journey healing from sexual violence led her to psychedelics, including ketamine, MDMA/MDA, psilocybin, and LSD. She’s currently utilizing her experiences to build Phoenix, the first AI companion designed specifically for trauma recovery and psychedelic integration.


Dr. Barker’s personal trauma history and its impact on her mental health.

How psychedelics accelerated Dr. Barker’s healing journey.

Dr. Barker’s transformative experiences with ketamine, psilocybin, MDMA, and MDA.

Integrating powerful psychedelic experiences into daily life.

Addressing issues of psychedelic access, safety, and reciprocity.

Exploring The Phoenix Project & the importance of community healing.

Dr. Barker’s seven stages of trauma recovery.

How The Phoenix Project got its name, and what’s to come in version 2.0.

Kundalini yoga’s role in Dr. Barker’s and Joseph’s healing journeys.

Dr. Barker’s message of hope to trauma survivors.

How to connect with Dr. Barker.

Key Links:

The Phoenix Project: 
The Phoenix Project on Instagram:
Dr. Barker on Instagram:

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Oct 10, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin speaks with entrepreneur Brandon Beachum about tapping into human’s innate capacity for infinite abundance.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Paul and Brandon ask questions like, What is the role of conscious community in catalyzing spiritual evolution? How do we balance tribal wisdom with modern comforts? Can we utilize psychedelics to accelerate awakening? What does it mean to see beyond reality’s illusion and embody our inner magic?

This conversation investigates essential tools for mastering the Youniverse and trusting in life’s great mystery.

Brandon Beachum:

Brandon Beachum is an entrepreneur, thought leader, author, and host of The Positive Head Podcast. He also hosts the late-night style talk show, Optimystic.

Brandon has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood. In 2011, while living on a friend’s couch, he co-founded what is present-day ResortShare. In 2015, ResortShare was named the 569th fastest-growing private company in America in the annual Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list.

Later that same year, Brandon began The Positive Head Podcast, which has amassed over 15M downloads and has consistently rated in the Top Five in the “Spirituality” category on Apple.

Today, Brandon's primary focus is helping people shift their perspectives to innerstand the “ultimate nature of reality'' and create more of what they want to see in their world!


Mystic Manor, The Positive Head Podcast, and Brandon’s creative ventures.

Brandon’s psychedelic journey from a conservative background to open-minded spirituality.

A “retro-futuristic” approach to co-living and human thriving.

How the “villains” in our lives can be our greatest catalysts for growth.

Mastering the YOUniverse and other nuggets from “The Golden Key.”

How psychedelics can dissolve illusions and awaken reality.

Key Links:

Positive Head Podcast:

Positive Head on Instagram:

Brandon’s Book, “The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance” (use code LOVE at checkout):

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Oct 3, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, co-host Joseph Anew speaks with Holistic Lifestyle & Movement Coach Lauren Sambataro about the intricate web of holistic health.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Their engaging conversation explores topics from trauma's impact on inflammation to the role of psychedelics in fostering creativity. How does trauma, emotional and physical, affect health? Can psychedelics open pathways for personal growth? What is the interplay between strength training, mindful eating, and mental well-being? And what role does purpose play in guiding healthy choices?

Tune in for fresh insights as Joseph and Lauren unravel foundational practices for achieving balance.

Lauren Sambataro:

Lauren Sambataro is a Holistic Lifestyle & Movement Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and Prep & Integration guide. As a former Broadway performer, movement has always been her love language and true calling. Cultivating a freedom practice, by which we can dialogue with the physical body and access our deep, innate intuition, has been not only her greatest tool for self-healing, but also for moving her clients from pain to purpose to optimization.

Lauren has spent the last 16 years empowering and educating her clients to find the best versions of themselves through radical honesty, positive discernment, and well-supported self-experimentation.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Lauren supports her clients through the lens of biochemical individuality, curating a unique individualized blueprint to transcend their wellness goals. Merging the subjective and objective, she combines diagnostic testing & quantification practices, chakra body mapping, and deep listening to close the loop on lasting, transformative change. Complete health optimization is not only possible but expected!

She works virtually, both 1-1 and 1-many, with clients all over the country, and co-hosts the health optimization podcast, The Biohacker Babes, to inspire both women and men to take responsibility for and radical ownership of their health.


  • The origins of Lauren’s unique holistic coaching approach.
  • Lauren’s core principles for foundational well-being.
  • The intriguing relationship between trauma and inflammation.
  • Why metabolic health is a fundamental aspect of overall wellness.
  • Building resilience through strength training and cardio.
  • From “free ancestral hacks” to wearables: Lauren’s open-ended approach to biohacking.
  • How Lauren helps clients intuitively reconnect with their bodies.
  • The significance of radical self-honesty in finding the balance between discipline & flexibility.
  • The importance of listening to your inner voice and intuition.
  • Mindful eating and the detrimental effects of processed foods.

Key Links:

Lauren’s website:
Lauren on Instagram:
The Biohacker Babes:
The Biohacker Babes on Instagram:

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Sep 26, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, host Paul F. Austin speaks with Imran Khan, Executive Director of the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP).

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

The conversation explores diverse topics, from the recent MAPS conference to Khan's career journey and BCSP’s mission to reshape psychedelic awareness. It asks the essential question: How can the field of psychedelics strike a balance between rapid growth, scientific rigor, and ethical considerations? Paul and Imran dissect the accelerating shift in public sentiment, evidenced by UC Berkeley’s survey indicating that 61% of Americans support psychedelic therapy.

This episode offers a multifaceted dialogue navigating the complexities of psychedelics, science, and society.

Imran Khan:

Imran Khan is Executive Director of the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP). The BCSP exists to explore the potential of psychedelics through independent and rigorous research, training, and public education at one of the world’s foremost universities.

Imran has spent most of his career working at the nexus of science and society. He was previously the CEO of the British Science Association and ran grants programs for the Wellcome Trust, the world’s third-largest charitable foundation. Imran has also advised lawmakers in the UK Parliament. He has presented at forums ranging from the Aspen Ideas Festival to the World Economic Forum and SXSW. His writing has appeared in the Financial Times, the Guardian, and BBC News.

Imran has degrees in biology and in science communication from the University of Oxford and Imperial College London, respectively, and an MBA from City University, London. He now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys trail-running, many forms of nerdery, and trying to cook the perfect dal.


Paul & Imran’s reflections on the 2023 MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference.

Imran’s career trajectory and motivations for working with psychedelics.

The surprising results of the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP) public survey.

How history has informed BCSP’s approach to psychedelic science.

BCSP’s role as a reliable voice in the field of psychedelic education.

BCSP’s psychedelic journalism fellowship, sponsored by Tim Ferriss.

Berkeley’s psychedelic facilitator training program.

The impact of California’s Senate Bill 58 and the TREAT Initiative.

Imran’s gripe with the term “plant medicine.”


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Imran on Twitter:

Third Wave’s Psychedelic Coaching Institute:


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Sep 18, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Joseph Anew and integration coach Nasreen El-Mariesh spotlight women's unique experiences and challenges in the psychedelic space.

The discussion raises several poignant questions: How did Nasreen’s accidental microdosing journey inspire her to create women-centric initiatives? Why are spaces designed for women in the psychedelic community so essential? How do intention and intuition empower women to tap into their inherent strengths? And, what role do embodiment and the archetypal “wild woman” play in self-discovery?

Tune in for a deep dive into the intersection of psychedelics, personal growth, and female empowerment.

Nasreen El-Mariesh:

Nasreen El-Mariesh (Naz) is a Psychedelic Coaching Institute certified coach specializing in women's empowerment and relationships: to self, our loved ones, and the Divine. She is Co-Founder of Women are the Medicine, a UK-based company offering microdosing programmes and in-person European retreats dedicated to helping women harness the power of psychedelic integration. Their ultimate goal is to generate a positive wave of female-focussed personal and collective growth that will contribute to a more conscious, equitable, and abundant world.

Naz's coaching approach combines science, somatics, and spirituality to provide an expansive and intuitive coaching experience. By delving deep and approaching self-discovery with curiosity, she guides clients through playful yet profound explorations of their emotional and energetic existence. This transformative space reveals that the wisdom they seek resides within, and that fear can be transmuted into love through bold and inspired action.
With a decade’s experience organizing luxury transformational retreats worldwide and an affinity for supporting other coaches, Naz brings a wealth of knowledge to her coaching practice.

Naz is a core facilitator in the Coaching Certification Program at Third Wave’s Psychedelic Coaching Institute and a psychedelic coach for the Institute’s Personalized Psychedelic Coaching.



How Naz discovered the power of psychedelics, starting with microdosing for anxiety.

How to harness intentionality and intuition with psychedelics for self-discovery.

The significance of women-only spaces in the realm of psychedelics & transformation.

Why and how women are underrepresented in the psychedelic space.

How women can cultivate purpose and the courage to pursue it.

The crucial role of embodiment in personal transformation.

Exploring the "wild woman" archetype and its connection to the soul's purpose.

Joseph & Naz demonstrate a live “pattern interrupt” practice.

Naz’s eight-week hybrid microdosing course for foundational change.

The power of working with archetypes.

How Naz’s participation in Third Wave’s coaching programs impacted her evolution.


Key Links:

Naz’s website:  

Women Are The Medicine:

Naz on Third Wave’s Directory:

Naz on Instagram:

Women Are The Medicine on Instagram:

Join the upcoming webinar to learn about The Psychedelic Coaching Institute’s Certification Program:

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Sep 11, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Joseph Anew and somatic couples therapist Lily Eggers delve into conscious living for relational healing, parenting, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

They explore questions like: How can personal responsibility and faith generate self-trust? What role do psychedelics play in illuminating the inner mind? Can relationships serve as conduits for healing and growth? Eggers shares poignant lessons from her teenage shoplifting disaster, transformative cold pool dip, and her experiences leading group couples therapy.

Join Joseph and Lily to discover how intentionality, self-awareness, and psychedelics can evoke meaningful transformation and relational harmony.

Lily Eggers, MA, LMFT:

Lily Eggers is a mom, entrepreneur, Somatic Couples Therapist, singer/dancer, medicine woman, and psychedelic journeyer. She believes that every relationship can be shifted out of monotony and stuckness and into sacred intimacy and spiritual evolution. Her life’s mission is to transform the stigma and shame around relationship therapy and coaching.

Raised and homeschooled on 75 acres of Maine wilderness, Lily delights in bringing the “wild” into her life and work. As a Somatic Couples Therapist, she adores igniting kindness, connection, playfulness, and passion into her clients’ daily lives.

Lily has trained with notable practitioners including Stan Tatkin (Psychoneurobiological Approach to Couples Therapy), David Mars (Transformational Couples Therapy), and Stanley Keleman (Formative Psychology). She incorporates sacred plant medicines, ceremony, and ritual into her practice.

Lily is currently writing a book designed to bring her tools, tips, and exercises to a wider audience. She is also working on a one-woman play about motherhood, identity, and psychedelics, called "Moms on Drugs," to the stage.


  • Exploring the concept of trust amidst uncertainty.
  • Lily’s lessons from being caught shoplifting at 13 years old.
  • The importance of love and curiosity in relationships.
  • Deepening inner awareness to foster healthier relationships.
  • Lily’s perspectives from her unconventional upbringing in the wilderness.
  • Lily’s story of reclaiming her authentic, uninhibited self.
  • The sacred process of healing in relationship.
  • How Lily works with group couples therapy.
  • How to cultivate genuine self-improvement.
  • Bringing humility to the psychedelic healing process.

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Sep 4, 2023

In the latest Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin announces a new co-host who's no stranger to the microphone or transformative practices. Joseph Anew, a seasoned podcaster, former Spartan Race executive, and Director of Third Wave’s Psychedelic Coaching Institute, brings fresh perspectives and invaluable expertise to the show.

The conversation delves into Joseph’s journey from fitness to psychedelics and the unique intersection between the two. Do psychedelics and obstacle-course racing have more in common than meets the eye? How do extreme experiences inform effective psychedelic coaching? Can psychedelics serve as a conduit between mental and physical health?

This episode elucidates how pushing human boundaries—be it a psychedelic journey or Spartan Race—can offer profound insights into resilience and well-being.

Joseph Anew:

Joseph Anew is an “outside the box” thinker, holistic health expert, and personal transformation coach. Across the last twenty years, he has helped thousands transform their physical and emotional health through public speaking, coaching, podcasting, and live events focused on mindset coaching, exercise, sleep, nutrition, breathwork, cold immersion, and most recently psychedelic medicines.

Joseph is the founder of RUNGA, an experiential health and wellness company that hosts transformational live events and online coaching programs. Joseph also spent eight years as an executive at Spartan Race where he was head of the company’s fitness and sport departments.


  • Joseph’s evolution from competitive fitness to the Psychedelic Coaching Institute.
  • Joseph’s Spartan Race journey.
  • The surprising parallels between psychedelics & obstacle-course coaching.
  • Why the Psychedelic Institute hosts intensives in the jungle.
  • How psychedelics help to re-pattern physiology, emotions, and behavior.
  • Joseph’s excitement about The Psychedelic Coaching Institute and the podcast.

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Aug 28, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin welcomes Phoebe McPherson to discuss the resurgence of kanna, a legal psychoactive plant, in the global market.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Paul and Phoebe explore kanna’s rich South African history, heart-opening qualities, and recent revival in the wellness space. Their comprehensive discussion asks questions like: How does kanna compare to MDMA? What led Phoebe to explore kanna, and how did it change her life? How can this plant help regulate the nervous system? Can you stack kanna extract with psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD? What does a kanna microdosing protocol look like?

Paul and Phoebe uncover everything you need to know about starting a kanna protocol, safe product sourcing, and ingestion tips.

Phoebe McPherson:

Phoebe McPherson is an educator, herbalist, gatherer, and the Head of Brand & Education at Fungtion, a nature-inspired wellness brand on a mission to help people reconnect to their bodies and nature through mushroom and plant formulas. Phoebe has spent years working with and learning from experts in the field about the healing aspects of nature’s gifts. While she is deeply knowledgeable about medicinal mushrooms, psychedelics, and plants, her passion lies in sharing kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) with the world, helping others find safety in their first steps to connect with nature.


  • Understanding kanna benefits and traditional usage.
  • Phoebe’s journey to kanna during pivotal shifts in her life.
  • Kanna vs. MDMA: How do they compare?
  • The story of kanna’s re-emergence in the world market.
  • Uncovering kanna’s clinical potential.
  • Combining kanna with other substances.
  • Exploring kanna as an adaptogen with psychedelic qualities.
  • Kanna supply and sustainability questions.
  • How to safely source and ingest kanna.
  • Kanna’s subjective benefits and personal healing stories.
  • How to connect with Phoebe.

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Aug 21, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin welcomes Jonathan Sabbagh, CEO of Journey Clinical, who shares his mission to integrate FDA-approved psychedelics within the modern therapeutic framework.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Jonathan highlights the disjointed nature of today’s mental health system, where therapists and prescribers lack communication, hindering comprehensive assessments and referrals. He and Paul emphasize Journey Clinical’s collaborative care model, streamlining information exchange, and maximizing psychedelic-therapy access through telemedicine innovation. They explore Journey’s potential challenges of scalability, therapist training, and insurance coverage for extended sessions. And they consider the balance between state-level decriminalization, psychedelic medicalization, and decentralized access.

Join Paul and Jonathan as they imagine a new mental healthcare infrastructure that addresses the growing crisis and reinvents therapeutic care as we know it.


Jonathan Sabbagh:

Jonathan Sabbagh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Journey Clinical, the leading telehealth platform expanding access to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. A serial entrepreneur, Jonathan built his career in finance, spending over two decades working for hedge funds and building businesses in Switzerland and NYC.

After receiving a difficult diagnosis of PTSD and extreme burnout, Jonathan left the world of finance to focus on his mental health. During that time, he personally experienced the transformative benefits of plant medicine and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP). Jonathan’s healing journey inspired him to begin formal clinical psychology training at the New School, with the vision of expanding access to transformative psychedelic-assisted therapies to the millions of Americans with depression and anxiety.

Jonathan’s personal and professional journey motivated him to found Journey Clinical in 2020, the #1 platform in the US that enables licensed mental health professionals to deliver KAP at scale.


  • How Jonathan’s mental health & finance background led him to start Journey Clinical.
  • Jonathan’s take on co-founding and running Journey Clinical with his wife.
  • The origin story of Journey Clinical and its startup challenges.
  • Exploring Journey’s collaborative care model.
  • Investigating Journey’s infrastructure solution for psychedelic-assisted therapy.
  • Journey’s vetting requirements for network therapists.
  • How the Ryan Haight Act might affect ketamine telehealth access.
  • Journey’s decentralized approach to safe and responsible ketamine telemedicine.
  • Integrating FDA-approved psychedelics into the mainstream mental health infrastructure.
  • Jonathan’s long-term vision for collaborative mental health care through Journey Clinical.

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Aug 14, 2023

In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin meets meditation teacher and healer Spring Washam at the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference to discuss Buddhism, psychedelics, and ancestral wisdom.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Paul and Spring delve deep into the synergies and incompatibilities across healing modalities. They ask whether indoor practices can ever rival nature’s transformative power. They reflect on innate desires toward rooting on land and the consequences of disconnection. They ask whether the spirit of Harriet Tubman and other ancestral heroes can heal society’s conflicts. And they explore the psychedelic divide between Southern traditions and Northern adaptations.

Join Paul and Spring for a fascinating perspective on mindfulness, plant medicine, and the evolution of society.

Spring Washam:

Considered a pioneer in bringing mindfulness-based meditation to diverse communities; Spring Washam is a well-known teacher, healer, and visionary leader based in Oakland, California.

She is the author of A Fierce Heart: Finding Strength, Courage and Wisdom in Any Moment and The Spirit of Harriet Tubman: Awakening from the Underground.

Spring is one of the founding teachers at the East Bay Meditation Center, an organization that offers Buddhist teachings with attention to social action and multiculturalism. She is a member of the teachers’ council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, offering teachings on Buddhist philosophy, Insight meditation, and loving-kindness practices. Spring is also the founder of Lotus Vine Journeys, a one-of-a-kind organization that blends indigenous healing practices with Buddhist wisdom in transformative retreats in Central America.

She has practiced and studied Buddhist philosophy in both the Theravada and Tibetan schools of Buddhism since 1999. Spring is also a shamanic practitioner, studying indigenous healing practices since 2008.

Spring’s workshops, interviews, and writing can be found in mainstream media worldwide.


  • How Buddhist practitioners view psychedelics.
  • Spring’s early ayahuasca journeys and revelations.
  • Spring’s lessons from Buddhist lineages.
  • Jack Kornfield’s guidance and teachings.
  • Spring’s Lotus Vine Journeys ayahuasca retreats in Costa Rica.
  • How psychedelics and Buddhism reconnect us to nature.
  • Spring’s journey from California to Georgia to start a plant-medicine community.
  • Exploring the importance of healing human disconnection from the land.
  • Spring’s insights from her book, The Spirit of Harriet Tubman: Awakening from the Underground.
  • Spring’s presentation at the MAPS Conference on Buddhism & ayahuasca.
  • Reflecting on how to bridge modern spirituality with indigenous lineages.

Key Links:

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Aug 7, 2023

In this episode of the Psychedelic Podcast, Paul F. Austin welcomes Christian Angermayer, a serial entrepreneur and investor in psychedelics, longevity, fintech, crypto, and future tech.

Get full show notes, links, and transcript here:

Christian is a notable figure in the field of psychedelic medicine, both respected and controversial. He has been a driving force in pushing psilocybin toward FDA-approval. But his company atai Life Science's psychedelic patents have drawn criticism from decriminalization-first advocates. Some wonder if the medical approach to psychedelics conflicts with the idea of open access and shamanic usage. Christian delves into this question, examining opposing views and exploring other dichotomies, such as whether capitalism and spirituality can coexist in the realm of psychedelics. He also considers the potential conflict between the search for psychedelic wisdom and the desire for immortality.

Christian’s conversation with Paul presents a new perspective on psychedelics, exploring nuanced topics and questioning the future of psychedelic biotech, microdosing, and longevity science.

Christian Angermayer:

Christian Angermayer is a serial entrepreneur and investor who builds and invests in companies that are shaping the Next Human Agenda: a future in which technology empowers people to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Christian’s family office and private investment firm, Apeiron Investment Group, has more than USD 2.5 billion under management and 50 people across five international locations. Apeiron focuses on Life Sciences, FinTech & Crypto, Future Tech and Experiences, and Hospitality & Happiness. Over the past 20 years, Christian has founded three unicorns and has been the lead investor in four unicorns and two decacorns.

Christian is the world’s largest investor in psychedelics and is recognized for leading the current psychedelics renaissance. He founded atai Life Sciences, investigating the potential of psychedelic compounds including psilocybin, ketamine, DMT, and ibogaine as approved medical treatments.


  • Exploring psychedelics and the evolution of organized religion.
  • The parallels between ancient psychedelic traditions and modern medicalization.
  • An argument for democratizing psychedelic access through centralization.
  • Christian’s thoughts on creating a regulated framework for microdosing.
  • Optimism about longevity research and extended lifespans.
  • Overcoming deeply-rooted fears and embracing the concept of a long life.
  • Christian’s challenges and successes at COMPASS Pathways & atai Life Sciences.
  • The obstacles of commercializing psychedelic medicines in an economic downturn.
  • Investigating how psychedelics might contribute to longevity.
  • How psychedelics can help us find and live our Dharma (life’s purpose).

Key Links:

Apeiron Investment Group:

atai Life Sciences:

COMPASS Pathways:

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Jul 31, 2023

In this episode of the Psychedelic Podcast, Paul F. Austin welcomes Dr. Sarah Abedi to share her journey from conventional emergency medicine to psychedelic healing and advocacy.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Dr. Abedi discusses the need for a paradigm shift in modern healthcare, incorporating indigenous and integrative modalities to create a holistic healing approach. She highlights TREAT California, a citizen-led ballot initiative aimed at funding an expansive psychedelic ecosystem with $5 billion. Dr. Abedi explores the initiative’s focus on research, education, access, and treatment, emphasizing its potential to bring psychedelic healing into the mainstream zeitgeist.

This thoughtful conversation delves into the distinctions between Western medicine and psychedelic wisdom, envisioning a new healthcare model that bridges the gap and guarantees access for all.

Sarah Abedi, M.D.:

Sarah Abedi, M.D. is an emergency medicine physician and facilitator of psychedelic clinical research trials.

She is the Chief Medical Officer and Advocacy and Impact Officer for TREAT California, an initiative aimed at creating a $5B funding agency in the state to support research, education, training, and access. As a psychedelic facilitator, Dr. Abedi is also part of Pacific Brain Health’s Treatment & Research In Psychedelics Program (TRIP). She has completed training at the Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and is certified as a Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) MDMA-Assisted Therapist. Dr. Abedi is the co-founder of the integrative mental health institute Onea.


  • Dr. Abedi’s journey from conventional medicine to psychedelic healing.
  • The TREAT California ballot initiative.
  • TREAT Initiative's path to holistic healthcare in California.
  • Dr. Abedi’s experience as a facilitator of psilocybin clinical trials.
  • The opportunity to bridge old institutions with new psychedelic paradigms.
  • Nature’s role in modern healing.
  • Exploring low-dose psychedelics for healing & spirituality.
  • Dr. Abedi’s work with TREAT.
  • Envisioning an integrated psychedelic healthcare model.
  • Dr. Abedi’s desire to do healing work in her homeland of Iran.
  • How to connect with Dr. Abedi.

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Jul 24, 2023

In this episode of the Psychedelic Podcast, Paul F. Austin reunites with renowned author Steven Kotler to dive deep into the realms of peak performance aging and flow states.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Kotler's latest book, Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad takes center stage as they explore the profound impact of continuous learning, experiences in nature, and adventurous pursuits throughout life. With Kotler's expertise in human performance, the conversation uncovers the secrets to maintaining optimal mental states and staying active in later life.

Listeners will embark on a thought-provoking journey into the possibilities of thriving in aging as Steven decodes the neurobiology of flow.

Steven Kotler:

Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective. He is one of the world’s leading experts on human performance.

Steven is the author of eleven bestsellers out of fourteen books, including The Art of Impossible, The Future is Faster Than You Think, Stealing Fire (part of the curriculum in the Psychedelic Coaching Institute’s Coaching Certification Program), The Rise of Superman, Bold, and Abundance. His work has been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes, translated into over 50 languages, and has appeared in over 100 publications, including the New York Times Magazine, Wired, Atlantic Monthly, Wall Street Journal, TIME, and the Harvard Business Review.

Alongside his wife, author Joy Nicholson, he is also the co-founder of The Buddy Sue Hospice Home for Old Dogs, a canine elder care facility, and Rancho de Chihuahua, a dog rescue and sanctuary.


  • Steven’s motivation to write his newest book on peak performance aging, Gnar Country.
  • Steven’s favorite adult development models related to healthy aging.
  • Decoding the neurobiology of flow and establishing a solid scientific foundation.
  • Examining flow from ancient Eastern and Western philosophical perspectives.
  • Steven’s reflections on bringing flow into corporate environments.
  • Why older employees could be the dream workforce of the 21st century.
  • Steven’s flow principles of aging successfully & maintaining cognitive function.
  • Exploring the surprising benefits of action sports for peak performance aging.
  • Skills cultivation, nature experiences, & the importance of “leisure activities” in old age.

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Jul 17, 2023

In this episode of the Psychedelic Podcast, Paul F. Austin welcomes Jaiya, somatic sexologist and creator of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here.

Jaiya shares the extensive experience and research that led to the creation of the Erotic Blueprint, a framework that helps individuals discover and express their authentic erotic selves. The conversation explores the five Erotic Blueprints–Energetic, Sensual, Kinky, Sexual, and Shapeshifter–highlighting their unique qualities and shadow aspects. The conversation emphasizes that sexual expression, compatibility, and consciousness are learnable skills anyone can cultivate. 

As the episode unfolds, Paul and Jaiya explore ecstatic states while drawing parallels between sexuality and psychedelics as inherent life forces.


Internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist and best-selling author (Red Hot Touch and Cuffed, Tied & Satisfied), Jaiya is the creator of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ and the Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz. Through more than two decades of client observation and clinical research, she discovered a map of arousal that reveals your specific erotic language of turn-on. This revolutionary framework helps you create deeper connections and total sexual satisfaction.


  • The five Erotic Blueprints and their unique sexual expressions.
  • Jaiya’s journey to becoming a somatic sexologist.
  • The role psychedelics played in Jaiya’s healing, transformation, and sexuality.
  • Psychedelics for healing sexual trauma and facilitating full sexual expression.
  • The importance of safe containers and consent when it comes to sex and psychedelics.
  • Cultivating ecstatic literacy.
  • Finding cosmic union through Tantra.
  • The Erotic Blueprint coaching certification program.
  • What Jaiya is working on next.

Key Links:

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Jul 10, 2023

Dr. Evan Cole Lewis, VP of Psychedelic Neurology at Numinus, joins The Psychedelic Podcast to delve into the world of psychedelic neurology and its potential to revolutionize medicine.

Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

Dr. Lewis & Paul F. Austin take us deeper into the underlying mechanisms of psychedelics and their impact on neurological networks. The conversation explores how psychedelics like MDMA, ketamine, psilocybin, and LSD can manipulate and reorganize those networks, leading to tailored treatment approaches for people with neurological conditions. From Dr. Lewis’s perspective, precision psychedelic medicine is poised to provide breakthrough treatments for traumatic brain injuries, concussions, functional seizures, cluster headaches, migraines, and mental illnesses.

With cautious optimism, Dr. Lewis and Paul envision a future where psychedelics offer transformative solutions for today’s most challenging conditions.

Evan Cole Lewis, M.D.:

Dr. Evan Cole Lewis is a neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist with expertise in pediatric neurology and epilepsy. He is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto.

Dr. Lewis is the founder and medical director of the Neurology Centre of Toronto (NCT), Chief Medical Advisor for the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation and VP of Psychedelic Neurology at Numinus, a Canadian company focused on research and therapeutics with psychedelic medicines.

Dr. Lewis has extensive clinical experience in the utilization of medical cannabis for the treatment of neurologic conditions in both adults and children. His practice focuses on brain network disorders, including concussion/persistent post-concussive symptoms, headache and migraine, and functional seizures.

He has a special interest in treating brain network disorders with psychedelic therapy. He has delivered many national and international educational seminars, talks, and lectures on brain network disorders, medical cannabis, psychedelic therapy, and the intersection of psychedelics and neurology.


  • Why Dr. Lewis chose to work at Numinus.
  • Exploring how psychedelics bridge the gap between psychiatry and neurology.
  • Why psychedelics challenge neurology to adopt a complex-systems approach.
  • How psychedelics counterbalance neural rigidity with harmony & flexibility.
  • Psychedelics’ potential to treat traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).
  • Ketamine’s role in activating & strengthening dormant neural pathways.
  • How plant medicine helps people unlearn old habits & experience child-like awareness.
  • The mystery of functional seizures.
  • Dr. Lewis’ belief that psychedelics will enhance neuroscience & precision medicine.

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