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The Third Wave podcast takes a fresh look at the world of psychedelics, hearing the stories of people both in the psychedelic fringe and in mainstream society. We want to share how psychedelics are transforming the lives of people everywhere, both inside and outside of the psychedelic community. By revealing and unraveling the vast range of personal psychedelic experiences, we hope to change the cultural stigma surrounding psychedelic use. Our conversations will focus on the use of psychedelics within two main frameworks: as tools for creativity and as medicine for mental health issues.
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May 28, 2017

Psychologist Rachel Harris, PhD, author of Listening to Ayahuasca, talks to us about the psychotherapeutic benefits of the ayahuasca ceremony. We hear about her transformative experiences with the ayahuasca spirit, and discuss how the psychedelic experience can help heal our psychological issues, with the right setting and guidance.


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May 21, 2017

We’re joined by Zach Mainen, neuroscientist at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon, Portugal. Zach studies the role of serotonin in behavior and learning; he explains what his results could tell us about the way psychedelics work in the brain. We also discuss future research into microdosing that could help us understand its true potential.


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May 14, 2017

Michael Costuros, founder of Entrepreneurs Awakening, talks about why the Ayahuasca ceremony is an integral part of his high-end business coaching. We hear about Michael’s extensive experience with plant medicines, and why he decided to combine the lessons of Ayahuasca with his entrepreneurial flair to produce a groundbreaking business model.


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May 7, 2017

This week we delve into philosophy and neo-nihilsim, as we’re joined by Peter Sjöstedt-H. We discuss how the psychedelic experience fits into his philosophical models, and how microdosing could contribute to modern transhumanism. We also learn about a Marvel character that is getting a new movie and TV franchise, and how Peter was involved!

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